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At six locations and in two to four shifts various clinics will take place which will give a step-by-step instruction of useful methods. All this happens in seperate rooms which makes it easier for the speaker and the audience. 


Feel free to attend, no registration is required.

  Alain Kap, as a master of the NMRA, deals in his workshop with his favorite topic "Kitbashing" of buildings. He provides valuable tips and tricks in a graphic manner.


Bernd Schroeder, a recognized expert for freight cars of North American railroads, shows based on image and models the essential details of the model and the possibilities for its implementation. On focus are box cars from 1940 to 1970. In addition he provides tips for online and offline model search. Optional models from visitors can be compared to the correct prototype.

On request the workshop can be hold in English as well.



Peter Gössel, Claus Rothe and Marc Thiemann, active members oft he AmericaN, following a new Idea how to build a module. The will show how to build and use their modulsystem AmericaN-TT. They promise less work, lot of fun and being close to the original.


Many friends of the US-Modelrailroad sadly have not enough space for a big layout. In this case, modules with compact dimensions are a big advantage, because their are easy and quick to build up.
  They’ll start with ideas of planing, followed by how to build, wiring and arrangement. Each of this 3 steps will take place once on Saturday and once on Sunday.

The picture shows a starterkit for a TT-module with lasered frame profiles and printed background. The other pictures show finished modules based on this kit. you can see industry-tracks,  backgrounduildings and minimized landscape.



In "building landscapes and scenery again a "youngster" will do this job.

Kim Nipkow (19) from Switzerland has been impressed by the scenery at Cajon Pass in California and has created astonishing scenes in different dioramas.

In three clinics he will share his methods with the listeners. Also he will present "Hill 452", a finished piece which shows the famous view point on the sierra.


The main topic of the clinics will be the typical American landscapes.

It will be especially interesting for the connoisseurs to see how the typical shapes and colors of the vegetation are reached.



Elmar Haug from team City Limits has chosen a new scale this time. He builds scale 1:48 (exact)


He shows how to self build tracks and switches. He‘ll also report about „which material can be used vehicle buildup“ specially for casting parts.






Mathias Hellmann, who is a fan of powder colors for weathering his cars and buildings. By using this method, carefully dosed signs of aging could be applied. So the different levels of gloss can be displayed much better.

He demonstrates his weathering process in the workshop room where he and H0 fine layout is located.
  For the first time he engages the audience. Under his guidance everyone can learn his methods. At 3 workstation in the straight  neighbourhood one can weather his own, new cars.




Overview WORKSHOPS 2015



Tisch Demonstrator Theme 10 - 12 h 13 - 15 h 15 - 17 h 10 - 12 h 13 - 15 h 15 - 17 h
3 Alain Kap Kitbashing              
1 Elmar Haug  Modelbuilding in exact 1:48 Gauge              
3 Bernd Schröder Freightcars Prototyping, Prototype studies und Finishing              
4 Kim Nipkow Building landscapes
2 + 5 AmericaN  easy doing Modules with the new TableTop-method              
6 Mathias Hellmann weathering buildings and rolling stock with powders              

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