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 We present 21 model railroad layouts in Sn3, 0, 0-Lionel, 0n3, 0n30, H0, H0e (!), H0-fine, H0n3,TT, N and Z gauge. The exhibitors of the layouts come from Finland, Croatia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Slovenia and, of course, Germany. This  page will be updated constantly. Many of the layouts will be presented the first time at our convention and may be still under construction. We will add more representative pictures as soon as available.




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The stretched HO layout BEANS, located in Iowa, is devides by its background picture located in the center. The run around layout has a full length of 15.5 meter and shows two individual topics on both sides along the background.
One side is characterized by the country side small railway station Lotzburgh showing loading tracks, a small railroad shop and a farm area conected to the rail track.





The other side shows the town of Dakota City with a yard, many plants, a container yard and a larger diesel shop.
The charm of the layout is based on the combination of traffic on the main with long trains and the active shunting traffic from many branches.
The digital train traffic on manual radio controls allows that the "engineer" follows the train around the layout. US trains of various time areas will run through the charming sceneries.






Alain Kap from Luxembourg presents a H0 layout of an industrial area in the Broadway District of Green Bay in Wisconsin in the period of 1969-1974. The marshalling yard box is based on the well known box street track plan of Jack Trollope. Different alco diesel are used on the Green Bay & Western (GBW) railroad. The buildings are all prototype and completely self made by Evergreen polystyrene plates or kitbashed by parts from other buildings.

The system measures 190 x 50 cm with a right side extension of a fiddle yard hidden under a motorway bridge. The two parts of the layout are build as a showcase with integrated lighting. Diversified switching with digital sound loks and rolling stock accurate to the time period is guaranteed.




The fictional Cleveland & Eastern Railroad Company (C&E) operated between Cleveland, Ohio and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The scenerie in the 1980s serves typical local industries.

Point Elizabeth Oaks, as presented here, is a part of the private N scale (1/160) layout build by Mike Holly from Germany. The L-shaped 4m x 4m layout Elizabeth Oaks will be operated in Rodgau by fiddle yards on both ends. Various industries guarantee an interesting operation.

The Cleveland & Eastern is a purely fictional railroad oriented by the typical operation of the 80s with first and second generation diesel engines in use.
  The layout is equipped with a digital system and manual switch control. Operation by car cards and waybills. Most locomotives are sound equipped. Buildings are prototype and scratch build. Milestone of the fine detailed layout is a trurntable. The scratch build structure has been presented by the online magazine model railroad hobbyist.






El Peso RR Riverside branch  in H0 is a branch line of the El Peso Railroad starting at Riverside Junction. It splits from the existing mainline at location between (non-modeled) town of Riverside and Smallville yard (the only part reused from previous installment of El Peso RR). Main feature of branch is (functional) rail barge used for river crossing. Rest of the old mainline, besides small yard and junction, consists of flatlands and farms. Mainline is enclosed with two return loops which enables continuous run while the branch terminates on a station module.

The layout comes from Croatia.





  The whole story can be read on the homepage of the builders. There is also shown the construction progress




Escondido Row, N scale layout by Elmar Manfroid

Planning and construction of the Southern California landscape has been focused consciously on atmospheric branch line railway operation.


Despite the current investment theme is   for a relaxd manoeuvring In the dry landscape arround Escondido many carefully crafted details can be discovered far away from any hectic activities.

Still under construction







Feather River Canyon, H0-fine

Still in its construction stage

This time the Fremo group US-fine-H0 participates in the convention with a rather untypical circular layout . It shows scenes from the Feather River Canyon (formerly Third Subdivision of the Western Pacific from Oroville, CA to Portola, CA) . They show prototypical operation with long trains.






  Ferrocarril Andino, H0e

Still in its construction stage


On a narrow gauge line from the Pacific up into the Andes.

In accordance with the Ferrocarril Antofagasta a Bolivia, this small H0e layout shows the landscapes of the Atacama desert in Chile's "Norte Grande". At the Pacific coast penguins and sea lions are swimming in the cold waters of the Humbold stream. The railway climbs steeply to cross the coastal cordillera with about 1000 meters of altitude. On the high plateau, you will pass salt lakes on the way to the mining regions. Volcanoes can be seen in the background.

It is trying to display this unique landscape with selected details in a small space. It is not trying to be a 100 % representation of the prototype and it is not for “rivet counters”, but it is based on the charm of the Egger railway and its current successor "MinitrainS".








Flaggstone East Terminal, Z

This is a shunting layout, following the principles of a “timesaver” and still in its construction stage. Whatever works in H0 and N should not be a problem in Z, too. Rail and switches from Rokuhan were used as the track material.

With a small addition to the left and to the right, the layout can be used as a pure shunting unit. For exhibitions, however, it is arranged with a circular track, so that a train can run around.
The buildings are own designs, self-made using polystyrene and materials from different manufacturers. All buildings are illuminated and the gates of the two loading halls are moved by servos. Based on the Flaggstone Westyard of the builder Jürgen Tuschik, the exhibition facility represents the eastern industrial area of ​​Flaggstone.

Here, different companies are supplied with goods or the products are picked up. Rolling material is from MTL and AZL. A DCC system is used. The switches are controlled manually via toggles/ pushbuttons.




Flatt Hill is now the 4th layout of René Paul from the Netherlands, with which he participates in our convention.



And again, he has devoted himself to self-built buildings and a time-saver track arrangement for his favorite theme “logging”. This time his scale is Sn3, which means 1:64, narrow gauge, 3 feet.








It's a great Pleasure to us to present a layout from Slowenia (!), from the town Sencur. The K & K RR from Eric Kalinksi  in H0 .

The layout is double main line in 8-shape configuration, which means two levels of tracks. It represents a contemporary era, with the most modern diesels, multi-units trains etc.

The focal point is the city of Roslyn, WA, that was stand-in for the fictional city of Cicely, Alaska in the famous TV series Northern Exposure. That was never before done in HO scale, and is usually quite an attraction for the crowd. The city of Cicely and the forresty scenery occupy main portion of the shorter leg of our L-shaped layout. The longer leg will incorporate almost 5m long yard with some highly attractive objects as background. It is a passing yard, therefore there will be several long trans operating continuously on the layout.

The layout is DCC operated (Digitrax), all objects lighted. All trackwork is done by Peco tracks & turnouts.




Mara Harbour, Spur 0n3
Martin Welberg, NL



The North2South layout in N-Scale consists of modules according to AmericaN-ST standard (Shelf & Table) by Claus Rothe, Marc Thiemann and Peter Gössel. Scenes from Quebec in northeastern Canada to Springfield in southern Florida can be depicted. On the modules with code 55 track, a high degree of detailing and concrete prototypical situations, operation is carried out with car- and waybills.
The freight system, as well as the design techniques, will be deliberately explained when trains move with realistically weathered rolling stock on the layout. Interested visitors are also entrusted with a speed controller so that they can experience the operating concept up close.




The freight system, as well as the design techniques, will be deliberately explained when trains move with realistically weathered rolling stock on the layout. Interested visitors are also entrusted with a speed controller so that they can experience the operating concept up close.








New York Cross Harbour, N von Jonny Müller

On the layout are shown several scenes of the NYC Dock Railway in the 1980s. You can see the warehouse at the 50th street, the A Yard and the pedestrian bridge. The divided layout shows on the other side the pier one with ferry and a storage building, that has been demolished in the 1990s. All structures are handmade based on photographs of real buildings. Also, the “carfloat” with “tugboat” of the B.E.D.T. is made from platic parts and paper. In 1983 the New York Cross harbor was formed. After that, in 2008, the port of New York. Today, a theme park has been developed out of the Bush terminal area.





PK Lumber & Co.
0n30, Luxemburg
Still under construction



  Shark Bay Railroad (S.B.R.R.) coming from Finland is a hard to find 3-conductor O-gauge digital layout in Europe. It has scale 1:48, which you find more often in the USA.  Mainly this model railroad technique is used by Lionel (Legacy) and MTH (DCS). On this layout are shown small industries with its weathered buildings like sawmill, brewery, fishing, cooling, repair shops, coaling plants and a switch yard along the track. The scenery is set up in the north east of the US (Maine, New Haven, Massachusetts, Maryland or Delaware).
  The weathered stock is coming from the postwar diesel era (like Alco and EMD) but also some steam engines (like the Mikado) from the prewar. The authentic looking trains are equipped with steam generators, remote controlled couplers and sound for engine, horn, bells and voices of the staff. Very special are some very detailed cars which are self made.





The SGE South, Gas & Electric,
H0-scale shown by the HEB Hobbyeisenbahner is an intensive switching based layout. The modules base on NAI-standard of the FREMO.
On 60 cm deep and 120 cm long modules is enough space for „North American Industries”. These come in form of a gas- and electric production, a sawmill and a repair shop of tanks.
   The operation takes place with weathered power units and matching cars. On the streets you will find many rare vehicles of MMM’s vehicle production.






The pectinate 0 scale layout (8,5m x 6,5m) „Smallville, WI Industrial District“ of the Modelleisenbahn Gemeinschaft Kerpen-Düren and the Euregio Scale 0 is a switching layout with multiple and different siding tracks and a street running.

The viewer of the track systems will not be able to complain about monotony on the rails: grain, coal, diesel, syrup, food, containers, general cargo and heavy transports are moved to or by the relevant industrial enterprises.


Shunting operation, taking into account the (American) regulations of the model, can be exciting and rather "exhausting". Super long freight trains do not rumble through the small place, the shunting units are somewhat shorter and consist mostly of 6-8 freight cars and a locomotive.

  Speed limits can be quite attractive, and if you still have to block the railway crossing as short as possible, the train should only be carried out in an emergency, your shunting job needs to be planed well before the "start of service".
The system is operated with Lenz digital technology and manually positioned switches.




Southern Pacific Lines, H0
Jürgen Bode & Friends

Grand Valley Junction
Is a fictional design of a Mainline of the Southern Pacific, end of the 90s, which goes from one of the main routes near Ogden Utah, into the mountains.

The Mainline runs through the mountains, forests and through two small yards, where smaller companies have settled which are supplied by Mainline.


  The small village „Grand Valley“ has a busy railway station, which is reached by a RDC and an Amtrak, to carry nosey tourists into the village.

Also the old coalmine of the „River Mine“ is still visited by tourists today.

Still under construction







Stirmouth & Southern Spur 0n30
Modelspoorver. Midden-Limburg, NL







Björn Engel "The GuiTTar Case" is a compact, transportable, fictitious shunting layout of TT (1: 120).


Is a locomotive of the Czech model railroad manufacturer MTB in the version as EMD SW1200 in the color of the "Canadian National".
The car is a colorful mixture of North American models (box car, tank car, flat car).


The special feature of the rolling stock are remote-controlled couplings in the locomotive and the box cars. This allows authentic decoupling at any location without having to enter the system. The plant was built in about 6 months of construction time and is fully DCC controlled (Roco z21).






  Western Rhapsody,
Gerrit Schoenmaker, NL

The “Western Rhapsody” model railroad is situated in the southwest of the USA representing the transition era (1950 – 1965) of Santa Fe’s Los Angeles Division. It contains all the landscape elements you might expect over there, such as red sand stone rocks, a mighty canyon, yoshua trees and the well known Arizona cactuses. The little town situated on the layout, called White Horses, lives from citrus fruit processing industry and acts as an important junction for branch line traffic of the Santa Fe railroad company. From White Horses one can travel to the outside  world by regular passenger train services, taken care off Santa Fe’s self propelled railcars, like the BUDD RDC and the funny looking Doodlebug M190. Freight trains are mostly done by early EMD and Alco diesels and some steam engines still left in service that days.





The entire layout is an idea of Gerrit Schoenmaker, however many other people (among them Martin Welberg) have made their contribution to his layout. Gerrit got the necessary inspiration from his many visits to the United States of America.  From now on he has all the time of the world for his passion, building USA based modeltrain layouts.





US Snow Rail, H0
Modellbauteam Köln

The H0 scaled layout measures 10,3m x 3,0m (33,8 ft. x 9,85 ft.) and shows a winter scenario.
On the left part is a big quarry which provides the raw material for the cement works. Several steel bridges take the tracks into a deep valley. The other part of the layout is made out of tight woods and a waterfall set in the middle of that part. There is also a small harbor on a creek.
In the harbor and on a few railroad tracks, oil and gas are loaded from a big fuel depot into the transports. Elevated pipes transport the fuel to the pier.
In the foreground a railroad museum with several steam locos can be found.






The presentation of dioramas should be another main focus this time. The following showpieces are not only great build, they are also based on special ideas.



Whiskey Distillery von KLaus-Peter Guckes spiegelt eine fiktive Strecke der Denver and Rio Grande in den dreißiger Jahren wieder. Es gibt eine eingleisige Strecke in der Baugröße HOn3.
Die Gebäude entstanden im Eigenbau, haben aber konkrete Vorbilder, die ich Abbildungen in der Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette entnommen habe.
Gezeigt werden 2 Module, ein kleiner Haltepunkt und die Distillery.





Inspiriert durch die IKEA-Kisten von 2015 entstand die Idee, Urlaubserinnerungen in H0-Dioramen wiederzugeben. Bis heute gibt es vier "Kisten"; Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina und New York, Nummer fünf Virginia (wird eine Kurve) ist im Bau.

In Florida überquert eine Brücke einen Teil des Myakka Rivers, im Vordergrund ist Familie Kröger in Kanus am paddeln und trifft auf mehrere Alligatoren, einige Vögel und Schildkröten sind ebenfalls mit dabei.

In Tennessee hat der Erbauer mit seiner Frau eine Bäckerei mit Cafe in einem alten Bahnhofsgebäude irgendwo in den Smokey Mountains eingerichtet.


Familie Kröger besichtigt in North Carolina den Chimney Rock samt Devils Head. Lederstrumpf, Chingachgook und Uncas grüßen vom Hickorynutfalls und Johnny übt im Lake Lure mit Baby Dirty Dancing.

Am Mohawk River in upstate New York füttert Familie Kröger Enten und Gänse, während zwei Einheimische vom Boot aus angeln.

Die Blue Ridge Mountain mit Skyline Drive und Appalachian Trail sind in Virginia zu sehen.





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